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T_RAZZO May 15, 2013 15:07

forces calculation on wigley case
Hello everyone

I am doing simulations on a boat for an internship university and I arrived at the point of having calcolarmi forces.

I read about all threads by adding the relevant command lines in controlDict but the results I get are unacceptable: too small and above all never go to convergence. the flow has a speed of 3m / s.

how can I fix? command lines I add are these:
type forces;
functionObjectLibs ("");
patches ("hull_wall");
pName p;
Uname U;
rhoName rho;
rhoInf 1000.0;
COFR (0 0 0)
OutputControl timestep;
outputInterval 1;
log true;
magUInf 3.0;

the name of the patches is that correct? if not, where can I see that right?
the library to which you refer is correct for OpenFOAM 2.2.0 (this is the version I use)?

please help me. I have a sense of urgency!

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