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VSass May 30, 2013 04:58

OpenFoam TimeStep Data on Paraview
Hey Foamers,

i want to know if there is a way to open a data file from a solved case in paraview without using paraFoam.

For example i want to load my grid and the pressure distribution from the file e.g. "0.026"
but without using paraFoam command.

I know how to load the grid without the paraFoam command, but i haven't found a way to open the case time step file.

Thanks in advance

nimasam June 8, 2013 08:46

could you tell me why you need such an option?

VSass June 8, 2013 17:31

Nima ,

i want to visualize my results on newer versions of paraview e.g. paraview 4.0 .

I found out that by typing : paraFoam -touch
on the terminal, a ".OpenFoam" format text file appears permanently on your case directory, which you can then open on any version of paraview. This way you can view the results of your simulation on any paraview version you want and without typing "paraFoam" every time.

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