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mandeepcfd May 30, 2013 21:08

postprocessing conjugateheatfoam in fluent
Hi all,
i am solving a multidomain problem with conjugateheatfoam. the case file has links for the other subdomains within the mainsubdomain from which one can run and postprocess. my question is how to postprocess these results in fluent.
i tried converting the mesh and the data to fluent format. it gets converted but since i ran the utility within the mainsubdomain case, so the mesh corresponding to this got converted. this mesh gets read correctly in fluent but the data does not . the data i tried was U which is only defined for the mainsubdomain.
i also tried to convert the othersubdomain meshes and read it in fluent.
meshes corresponding to allsubdomains get read corrrectly without any error but not the data.Can we postprocess the data form conjugateheatfoam in fluent?
if yes then how to do it? any kind help is greatly appreciated.

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