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immortality June 9, 2013 13:13

is there a yStarRAS tool?
is there a tool for y* like y+?

wyldckat June 9, 2013 15:23

Hi Ehsan,

AFAIK, there isn't one.

Uhm... didn't you make this bug report:
Here's a very old bug report also on this topic: - but the answers you got on your bug report was better.

In the mean time, I also found this: - post #4 - which was in response to a similar question of yours from a month ago.

So the very big question is: which "yStar" are you looking for?

The only references I found in OpenFOAM's own source code was in these files:


Both calculate it this way:

yStar_ = sqrt(k_)*y_/nu() + SMALL
Best regards,

immortality June 9, 2013 16:48

thanks.I wanted to be confident about this subject.
(For Summary):
well then yPlusRAS acts as a y* function that is suitable in high-Re turbulent simulation(when the first cell center is in logarithmic region of turbulent boundary layer)
but yPlus tool that is created by cfd-online users is used when we have low-Re meshes(when first cell center is in laminar-sub layer region of turbulent boundary layer)

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