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CFD_Monkey June 20, 2013 06:07

calculate epsilon from RANS k-Omega simulation
Hi FOAMers,

in order to get the epsilon value from a RANS simulation (kOmega, kOmegaSST respectively) I was searching the source code. This is what I've found in kOmegaSST.H:


00250        //- Return the turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rate
 00251        virtual tmp<volScalarField> epsilon() const
 00252        {
 00253            return tmp<volScalarField>
 00254            (
 00255                new volScalarField
 00256                (
 00257                    IOobject
 00258                    (
 00259                        "epsilon",
 00260                        mesh_.time().timeName(),
 00261                        mesh_
 00262                    ),
 00263                    betaStar_*k_*omega_,
 00264                    omega_.boundaryField().types()
 00265                )
 00266            );
 00267        }

My question: How can I run this section to get epsilon (for e.g. in case of the reynoldsstresstensor it's just the command R)


CFD_Monkey June 27, 2013 10:55

1 Attachment(s)
I don't know if this is the best way to get the epsilon value but it works! :)

1. create the directory ~/Openfoam/$USER-2.1.x/utilities/postProcessing/turbulence/

2. copy the attached files into.

3. run the command "wmake" from the epsilon directory

This will create the folders platforms/.../bin in the ~/Openfoam/$USER-2.1.x/ directory and compiles the epsilon.C file. The executive "epsilon" is created there and can be called by "epsilon" from any case directory.

Note: This should work for kOmega as well as for kOmegaSST. While the difference is simply a change of constants:
kOmega: epsilon=Cmu*k*omega
kOmegaSST: epsilon=betaStar*k*omega
Which is normally the same value: betaStar=Cmu=0.09

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