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Boloar August 12, 2013 00:38

Viewing forces output in Paraview
Hi OpenFOAMers,

Time for the stupid question of the day:
I have a file postProcessing/forces/0/forces.dat with forces / moment output from my pimpleDyMFoam simulation. How can I view this in ParaView?

Boloar August 12, 2013 03:11

I gather from what I've read so far it has to be done manually. I imported into a spreadsheet and separated out the values and copy/pasted into a new spreadsheet. It's a rather roundabout process isn't it?

Would it be possible to output directly into a spreadsheet/ParaView compatible format in future versions? Perhaps if someone could point me at the source code for the forces output I could make the changes for myself (hopefully without breaking OpenFOAM) ...

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