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RTom September 4, 2013 00:23

How to visualize turbulence Eddy Viscosity?
I am using OpenFOAM rhoPimpleFoam solver. I would like to know how to visualize the turbulence eddy viscosity of the model in paraview.

Should I run the simulation again? .

pbachant September 4, 2013 14:21

You can select the "nut" volume field in ParaView's object inspector then display this as a surface.

RTom September 4, 2013 15:30

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I can't select the "nut" volume field because I don not have the option as you can see in the attach file

pbachant September 4, 2013 15:39

Are you doing an RAS? The cavity tutorial for rhoPimpleFoam has a "mut" field but is not visible from that menu by default. You need to enable it in the Object Inspector menu on the left and click "apply".

RTom September 4, 2013 16:14

You are right!
But I'm using Discretizer, so maybe is Discretizer who does not let me select any property.

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