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Junhong October 1, 2013 06:59

No run-time surface pressure from OpenFOAM 2.2.0
Dear all,

I put the function (below) in controlDict, there is no data files produced in each folder (timestep). It works well in the earlier versions. Did you encounter such problem?

type surfaces;
functionObjectLibs ( "" );
enabled true;
outputControl timeStep;
outputInterval 2;
surfaceFormat raw;
interpolationScheme cell;
( p );
type patch;
patches (left-wheel);

nimasam October 1, 2013 09:45

1- which solver do you use?
2- create a setup and post here.
3-if you think it is a bug, you can submit it in bug section

Junhong October 1, 2013 14:11


the version 2.2.0_b2 used. same as the bug described:

how to solve it ?

the older version is fine for the same case.

Tobias Adam December 3, 2013 09:01


Just try to google some alternative lines for the control dict.

Maybe these work better, after putting your information to the right positions?


        type surfaces;
        functionObjectLibs ("");
        surfaceFormat raw; // vtk;
        outputControl timeStep;
        outputInterval 11;
        interpolationScheme cellPoint;

        fields (p);
      surfaces (BLADE
          type patch;
      patches ("BLADE");
        interpolate true;
        triangulate false;
      } ); }

Iīm also looking for some other versions for this function, because I get the following error messages when I try to use it:


More than one patch accessing the same transform but not of the same sign.
patch:SYM1 transform:0 sign:1  current transforms:(1 0 0)

    From function Foam::label Foam::globalIndexAndTransform::addToTransformIndex
const label,
const label,
const bool
) const

    in file lnInclude/globalIndexAndTransformI.H at line 240.

But maybe it works for you^^

Best regards

kkpal December 31, 2013 00:54

caught by the same problem!:(

Tobias Adam January 10, 2014 03:59

Hello Kai

What do you want to do with the surface data?
Maybe you donīt need this function, if you deactivate all patches and just activate the surface-patch in Paraview?

Thatīs what I needed for my plot of cp-values over the surface!

Greets Tobi

kkpal January 12, 2014 05:51

hi, Tobias
Thanks for your reply.
I intended to plot the drag and lift force coefficients along the 3D cylinder with time, so it is best I could use this funciton, or I have to write down the files to disk at a relatively small interval.
Recently I tried this function in another case and it magically worked. Maybe there was something wrong with the last case, but I was unable to figure out where:confused:
Anyway this function is running now and I am very happy with this.:D

kkpal January 21, 2014 07:55

Lately I found that this function is ubuntu-version dependent.
My OF version is 2.2.2 and this function works well on ubuntu 12.04 but not on 12.10.

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