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Hekky October 16, 2013 04:39

Looking for Intelligent way of mesh inspection

I am looking for an intelligent way of performing a visual check on my mesh.

The case is as follows:

I have a large amount of small tubes, fuel inlet system, connecting regions of the geometry I am meshing. The way Snappyhexmesh works is that it will grow through these smallholes only if the cellsize is sufficiently small in these regions. On smaller geometries I found out that even when the cellsize is sufficiently small, sometimes a couple of tubes are skipped.

So after the mesh is made I want to do a "quick as possible" check if all holes got meshed. The amount here is 300+ tubes at strange angles, so doing it all manually by inserting a lot of cutting planes is not really an option on the long term.

Anyone has an idea for a somewhat more intelligent way of performing such a check?

Thank you in advance!

Hekky October 16, 2013 04:53

One really nice way of doing this is perhaps having the mesh, loading the refinement stl files and specify that all cells within the stl volumes should be extracted from the larger mesh structure. Any Idea on how to do this? cellExtract only allows to use generic shapes.

wyldckat October 19, 2013 16:54

Greetings Hekky,

The simplest way is to use checkMesh to tell you the total volume that the mesh has got and compare to the total volume of your geometry.
A full check can provide you with even more reports on how bad the mesh might be:

checkMesh -constant -allGeometry -allTopology
Beyond this... you can use ParaView's "Extract Cells by Region" filter to define all of the points of view that need to be checked. Then save the analysis configuration into a state file and then load that state file whenever you have a new mesh.
There is even a "Connectivity" filter that can help you confirm if the extracted region is all one block.

Best regards,

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