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Tobi October 24, 2013 13:26

Calculate mixture
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Hi all,

I have build a static mixture for mixing the flow field in a pipe.
To visualize the mixing I used a passive scalar (attachment). Now I want to know how good the part is.

I have 50% on 1 and 50% on 0 at the inlet (same mass flow)
The optimum mixture is therefor if the scalar get the value 0,5. for that I have a 100% mixing.

In my case I have at the outlet the values 0,42 to 0,57 ... how can I calculate how good the mixture is working? 95%; 98% etc ?

Can someone give me a hint how to calculate this?

In my opinion I have to build the massflow through each face and wight it with the passiv scalar.

But I do not know how to get the massflow through the faces of the fields.

Regards Tobi

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