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buck_s June 17, 2014 07:52

Local heat transfer / modifying wallHeatFlux
Hello FOAMers,

I'm working right now on a project, where I need to calculate the heat transfer in the annulus between two concentric tubes (2D), for which I'm using buoyantSimpleFoam. In order to calculate the heat flux at the boundaries (inner and outer cylinder surfaces) I'm using the wallHeatFlux utility (which calculates the heat transfer per unit area (W/m) both at every cell of the boundary walls as well as an Integragtion of the heat flux (W/m) at the whole boundary surfaces).
But what I really need is to calculate and visualize the local heat transfer (W) at each cell of the boundary walls. If I understand this right, basically what I need to get is the multiplication of the values delivered by wallHeatFlux at each cell and the area of the corresponding cell, is this correct?
Is there a utility that calculates local heat transfer at the boundaries, or could anyone help me modify the code of the wallHeatFlux utility, since I'm a begginer with openfoam?

Thanks in advance

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