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majidsvn7 September 8, 2019 12:55

plot data over time
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1) When I plot the data like pressure or velocity over time, there are some block (in my case 2~8) in ParaView, What exactly are these blocks referring to? Since my case has only 1 block and made of number of patches. I am confused, Is there anyone who can guide me on this subject?
2) and another question, How can I use this option to plot in the desired sections of my geometry, for instance, middle of a tube?

* I've been attached related picture.

virengos September 9, 2019 02:59

Hi, your data consist of multiple blocks / different domains. That's simply the data structure. You could also use the "Merge Blocks" filter in ParaView to get it merged into one. You can use for example the Clip, Slice, Threshold, ... Filter to perform some operations in advance and then apply the Plot Data Filter on it.

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