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zommuter September 10, 2020 08:21

How to annotate functionObjects in ParaView?

I've put


        type    forces;
        libs    ("");
        writeControl  writeTime;
        writeFiels      no;

        patches (impeller);
        rho    rhoInf;
        rhoInf  1e3;
        CofR (0 0 0);

into my controllDict to obtain a uniform/functionObjects/functionObjectProperties file for each time step containing the force. But I cannot find any option in ParaView to actually use those uniform values for an annotation or plot over time. I'm also out of ideas which Python Annotation Expressions to try, since that seems to expect an array as input instead of using a uniform value.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards

zommuter September 10, 2020 08:44

My apologies, I missed the post about asking ParaView questions in its forum and there doesn't seem to be an option to move or delete this thread, so here's a copy: Sorry about the mess :(

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