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Starcatcher September 26, 2020 11:40

Usage of runTimePostProcessing
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Hi folks,
I would like to make a movie from a DNS-Simulation. Therefore I want to safe fotos(frames) from each time step.
My Domain is a simple cube with turbulence inside.
I work with OF-1712 sine this special DNS-Solver only exists for this version.

The only fuction I know to produce scuch "screenshots" is: runTimePostProcessing

Unfortunatelly there is noproper guide for it. The examples in the tutorials and other websites helped only a little.

Let's say, I want to make a picture of this cube-domain visualising velocity.
You find attached the settings of the runTimePostProcessing as well as the log file with the sim-feedback.

Sooo, what I've done wrong? What would be the right syntax here? Maybe somebody has a good example file?

Thank you in advance.

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bestucan September 28, 2020 04:13

maybe helpful. I use paraview to make movie. run it parallelly.
save as movies directly or step time picture, both are OK.

Starcatcher September 28, 2020 04:18

Thanks bestucan, but I really do not want to safe the results before reading them in paraview. I want to make the movie from the calculation without saving the profiles. Otherwise it would need many terrabytes and a lot of cpu-power would be lost for the saving

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