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Ununul February 5, 2021 20:05

phaseScalarTransport and interFoam
Dear Foamers,

From a couple of weeks I'm fighting with the phaseScalarTransport additional solver. I'm trying to get the specie transport within one phase only (f.e. a dye in the water).

All results look good - pressure, velocity, volumetric fraction etc. only the concentration field... The dye is transferring to the air.

I read the older posts:

But till now I don't know how to set the solver to get the field for really one phase only.

In the instruction we can see:


The scalar is considered to be a phase-intensiveproperty; i.e., its value represents an amount per-unit of the phase. In addition to the scalar, the function also writes out the product of the volume fraction and the scalar, as this provides a phase-extensive field which is often more convenient to post-process.Evolves a passive scalar transport equation within one phase of a

If it is true, then when in the cell there is no water phase (alpha.water=0) we get the numerical instability (concentration-> infinity) am I right?

May there is any possibility to "turn off" the specie transport in the air phase in this solver?

The example showed in the description fails.

randolph March 6, 2021 12:30

Check out this post


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