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flavio_pergolesi January 26, 2009 10:15

Hi all. I'm trying to export
Hi all.
I'm trying to export some results from foam to fluent.
I realized that something strange happens, because when I plot the velocity magnitude (in contour or vectors) fluent displays something similar to paraFoam, but if I plot velocity components it displays a 0 value field, or strange results that don't even fit with the direction of the flow.
As I found in a thread concerning this topic, I specified in foamToFluentDictionary not only the vector field U on entry number 2 but also the components Ux (entry 111), Uy (112), Uz (113).
But I still can't import the data correctly in Fluent.
Thanks in advance for any help you might feel like to give.


shuminhua November 9, 2009 10:27

I want to postprocess the openFOAM results in Fluent .When I use foamDataToFluent to change it , it generate *.dat files ,but I need *.dat and *.cas in fluent. What i should to do?
Thanks for all reply!

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