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david October 22, 2008 06:04

Hello everybody I have the
Hello everybody

I have the following problem with OpenFOAM-1..4.1-dev and the mixerGgi case. The time directories of the mixerGgi case have the following structure:


If the case is computed in parallel, time directories with the same structure are generated in the processorX directories. I tried to reconstruct the decomposed case and observed the following behaviour:


The reconstruction with reconstructPar results in the following time directory structure:


reconstructPar didn't reconstuct polyMesh/points and produced "correct results" but the impeller was still in its original position.


The reconstruction with reconstructParMesh and reconstructPar was successful.

Output from reconstructParMesh:

This is an experimental tool which tries to merge individual processor meshes back into one master mesh
Use it if the original master mesh has been deleted or if the processor meshes have been modified (topology change)
This tool will write the resulting mesh to a new time step and construct xxxxProcAddressing files in the processor meshes so reconstructPar can be used to regenerate the fields on the master mesh
Not tested & use at your own risk


I need neither new xxxxProcAddressing files nor the complete mesh in each reconstructed time directory. I need only the new positions of the points. Isn't reconstructPar able to do that? And is there a possibility to reconstruct the case without reconstructParMesh?

Deleting all mesh files except points in the reconstructed time directory is not an option. I don't know why but this procedure destroys the solution completely.

Thanks a lot


dmoroian October 26, 2008 14:33

Hello David, I think you have
Hello David,
I think you have the same problem as the one discussed in this thread: how to put back slices.

I hope this is helpful,

david January 9, 2009 08:19

Hi Dragos Thanks a lot for
Hi Dragos

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for my late reply. I was on vacation for a longer time.

I was able to find out that the reconstruction of the points fails only if the optional parameters -time or -latestTime are used. This happens with OpenFOAM-1.4.1 and with version 1.5. The points are reconstructed correctly if reconstructPar is used without any parameters.

I opened a bug report for the problem:


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