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sega October 29, 2008 12:44

Is there a tool available to c
Is there a tool available to calculate the kinetic energy for one or all timesteps of a calculation?

villet October 31, 2008 15:55

I don't think there is no exis
I don't think there is no existing utility for kinetic energy.

Don't be afraid to take the next step. You can utilize a postprocessing utility for velocity field (.../applications/utilities/postProcessing/velocityField/).

- Copy a utility folder to a new name (for example "cp -r Lambda2 KE")
- Change the file name (Lambda2.C->KE.C) corresponding to your new utility and make the same change in "/Make/files"-file - don't forget to change the executable file name (Lambda2->KE)
- Run command "wmake" in your new utility folder... and hopefully you get a successful compilation. Test if you can run it by typing "KE" (ok, the utility does the same thing as the original and you'll get an error because you're not in the case folder)
- Now modify the "KE.C" file. Remove "gradU" and "SSplusWW" definitions. Rename any "Lambda2" to "KE" in the file. The last line (-eigenvalue...) in the scalar field definition is crucial. Change that to "0.5*U&U". Isn't that what you want to calculate from velocity field?
- Recompile the utility "wmake" and try it with your case.

Hope that works since I didn't test it by myself But you got the idea what's the most powerful thing in OpenFOAM!

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