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axel September 29, 2008 11:30

Hello, in OpenFOAM 1.4.1 I

in OpenFOAM 1.4.1 I used a script that I derived from liftDragTool to export some essential data for lift and drag calculations in MatLab. I moved from 1.4.1 to 1.5, and liftDragTool cannot be compiled any more (and I have just basic C++ knowledge, not enough for porting).

That motivated me to try the sample command which comes with OpenFOAM to export data being more integrated into OF environment.
Most of the data can be extracted, but I did not manage to extract the surface area and orientation of each cell.
I used the OF c++ command mesh.Sf().boundaryField()[patchI][pointI].x() etc.
Is it possible to extract this with sampleDict?



ngj September 29, 2008 13:42

Hi Axel You would probably
Hi Axel

You would probably find the following tool interesting:

It is default in OF1.5.

/ Niels

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