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luigi_sala September 8, 2008 06:14

Hello to everybody! I'm a new
Hello to everybody! I'm a new user of OpenFOAM and I'm working on a NACA0012 profile with simpleFoam and I'm using the k-omega SST turbulence model. I would need to extract some pressure values along the profile patch surface to plot on a graph. Is there a utility that can do this on OpenFOAM 1.4.1? Where can I find it? I found a utility called calcPressureForces, could this be useful for my case? I tried to download it from the discussion "How to read pressure at discrete points" but I couldn't read the file. Is there another place where I can find it?
Thank you for your help!

dmoroian September 18, 2008 02:57

Hello Luigi, I think you can
Hello Luigi,
I think you can do this with OpenDX (or probably with any other postprocessor, like Paraview).
I would extract the interesting plane from the domain, then isolate the boundaries, and then look at those parts of boundary that are interesting, in your case upper and lower camber. However, this approach will interpolate the pressure values from the center of the cell to the boundary.

I hope this is helpful,

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