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braennstroem September 14, 2008 07:30

Hi, does anyone know of a s

does anyone know of a simple approach to extract the self-similar velocity profile of free jets using sample tool. Right now, I am converting the created profiles with a small octave script to get the scaling by the local max velocity and the corresponding half-width. It would be nice, if this works directly in the sample tool.
Another nice feature would be the scaling by u_tau!? If 'sample' is not the right tool for this, do you have some other suggestions?


ameya September 16, 2008 13:05

I havent come across any postp
I havent come across any postprcessing tool in openFOAM that shall help you plot the self similarity of free jets directly.

I suggest you sample the required data and plot it using GNU plot.

By the way even I am working on free jets it would be nice to interact with you apart from just OpenFOAM.
Mail me at (and give the refrence of OpenFOAM forum )

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