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irc March 12, 2008 11:08

I have a simulation of a free
I have a simulation of a free jet, and want to sample the mass flow in the jet at different axial stations, i.e. calculate a surface integral across surfaces imbedded in the domain. I know that I can use the sample utility to extract interpolated values on a grid of points and then do the maths, but this is inelegant. Has anyone done this in a smarter way (e.g. by mapping the results onto another grid)? Any thoughts gratefully received.

irc March 13, 2008 08:15

For those interested, I solved
For those interested, I solved it with the cuttingPlane tool (I have a structured, orthogonal mesh here so life is easy) - some good posts already on this subject.

torvic July 31, 2008 21:24

Hello Ian Cowan and all the co
Hello Ian Cowan and all the community

Hope you're doing great.

I want to compute the mass flow of a chemical specie in a reacting jet, at different heights.

I don't have clear how to use cuttingPlane although i read some threads in this respect (the one by Dragos M), could you help me please with some pointers on how to proceed ?




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