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snak March 24, 2008 23:17

Hi, I'd like to compute

I'd like to compute the liquid volume left in a restricted domain after an interFoam simulation. I'd like to know the liquid volume in the region of z < 1, for instance.

I have found the thread "How to compute total liquid volume of the whole domain?" related to my question.
The source code in the thread is quite impressive. However, I don't know how to limit the region with sum() function.

Would you please give some advice or drop a hint to me?

jaswi March 25, 2008 15:05

Hi You can iterate over the

You can iterate over the cells in the domain while checking if cellcentre.z() < 1.0 and if the condition satisfies then add the liquid in that cell to your running sum.

hope that helps


snak March 27, 2008 23:53

Hi Jaswi Thank you very muc
Hi Jaswi

Thank you very much for your advice.

I'm gonna try to write short code, though I have to learn a bit more about OpenFOAM source code.


snak June 24, 2008 23:19

Hi, I added the following s

I added the following short code to calculate liquid volume in the specified region.

Info << " Liquid (whole domain): " << sum(mesh.V()*gamma) << endl;

sumVol = 0;
if( mesh.C()[cellI].component(0) >= validXmin
& mesh.C()[cellI].component(0) <= validXmax
& mesh.C()[cellI].component(1) >= validYmin
& mesh.C()[cellI].component(1) <= validYmax
& mesh.C()[cellI].component(2) >= validZmin
& mesh.C()[cellI].component(2) <= validZmax )
{sumVol = sumVol + mesh.V()[cellI]*gamma[cellI]; }
Info << " Liquid in specified region: " << sumVol << endl;
Info << endl;

It works fine for a single processor calculation.

With multi-processors, however, the calculated liquid volume in the specified region is not correct. Liquid volume in whole domain is correct. I think that my code have some problem in handling the coordinates in decomposed field.

Would you please give some advice to modify the code?

Thank you in advance,

gschaider June 25, 2008 07:34

A reduce(sumVol,plusOp
before the Info might solve that. Have a look elsewhere what it actually does.


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