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skabilan July 14, 2007 12:26

I am new to OpenFoam. I get th
I am new to OpenFoam. I get the following error message when I use foamToGMV:

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : cannot open file

file: /home/skabilan/workdir/openfoam/weibel/weibel/constant/conversionProperties at line 0.

Thanks for your help!

msrinath80 July 14, 2007 13:19

The error message suggests tha
The error message suggests that the foamToGMV utility requires a file named conversionProperties to be present in the constant directory. You can either ask someone if they have a sample file or reverse-engineer the contents of the file yourself by creating it.

skabilan July 14, 2007 13:35

Thanks! I tried creating a fil
Thanks! I tried creating a file but I get the following error. I need to get the header right for the conversionProperties file. Any help is appreciated.

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : problem while reading header for object conversionProperties

file: /home/skabilan/workdir/openfoam/weibel/weibel/constant/conversionProperties at line 1.

From function regIOobject::readStream(const word&)
in file db/regIOobject/regIOobjectRead.C at line 75.

FOAM exiting

msrinath80 July 14, 2007 15:34

Try copying the standard heade
Try copying the standard headers from say blockMeshDict and try again. If that works, you'll get a new error message stating which variable was not defined. Then you create this variable inside the file and try to figure out its format based on the next error message. I know this can be tiresome, but it is also a sure way to get the utility to work.

tsencic May 21, 2008 08:09

I converted engine simulation
I converted engine simulation results with foamToGMV, but the mesh is not moving. To convert the node coordinates there should be a file region0/points in each time directory. Where can I find such file?

skabilan June 10, 2008 19:54

Hi Tomislav, Where did you
Hi Tomislav,

Where did you get the conversionProperties file? which OpenFOAM looks for when we try the foamToGmv.


Tiffany August 24, 2012 13:21

Hi Senthil,

I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you were able to make or get a sample of the conversionProperties file. I'm trying to use foamToGMV as well and wanted to see if you already had a sample you wouldn't mind sharing.

Thanks :)

wyldckat August 24, 2012 17:31

Greetings Tiffany,

Since this is pretty much the only thread specific for foamToGMV, I guess we might as well finish it off with a proper solution ;)

I've checked the source code and did some tests. Here is the wiki page that shows all that probably you'll need to know:

Best regards,

Tiffany August 24, 2012 20:05

Thank you, Bruno. That was exactly was I was looking for!

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