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cedric_duprat May 15, 2008 12:38

Hello, I plan to postproce

I plan to postprocess my data from OpenFOAM with AVS/Express.
I found on the opencfd website that it is possible :

Then, I looked for something like FoamToAVS, without any success.
Even in the sourceforge web site, there is nothing for AVS/express.
Does anybody know how is called the data converters from OpenFOAM to AVS, maybe it is not so straightforward ?
Or it might be a mistake in the opencfd web site ?

Any ideas, how I can do that please ?



cedric_duprat May 16, 2008 11:56

Hello again, I tried to use
Hello again,

I tried to use the foamToFieldview9 which create a *.uns files. It's a Fieldview-UNS format (binary) file with both mesh and field but, there is no way to read it in AVS.

Then, I found that a VTK reader is avaiable on AVS. But FoamToVTK create binaries files which are not usefull in AVS.

Maybe someone has more ideas, cause I haven't got any more yet ?


alexandrepereira May 16, 2008 14:04

I guess that the format FoamTo
I guess that the format FoamToVTK uses is not the most correct ... when i try to create foamToVTK . myTestCase -ascii, the output is not binary... nevertheless, mayaVi, a vtk reader, cannot access the CFD data, nor can VisIt...

Anyway paraFoam . myTestCase successfully displays all the CFD quantities in myTestCase...


cedric_duprat May 19, 2008 07:30

Thank you Alexandre for your a
Thank you Alexandre for your answer.

You're right, with the -ascii option it's better but, it's still not working, AVS "can't read the number of Cells".

Anyway, I will work first with paraFoam which is working fine for me also.


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