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qtian February 28, 2008 15:04

Dear all, Can anyone give a
Dear all,

Can anyone give an introduction about how to create streamline with VisIt.

I imported VTK data file in VisIt and have no problem to plot vector plots. However, everytime, I clicked streamline button and it gave me the error message "The Streamline plot of variable "U" yielded no data."

Can someone give me some help and suggestion? Thanks.

braennstroem February 28, 2008 16:35

Hi Quinn, you have to place
Hi Quinn,

you have to place the start into your fluid region. The easiest way is to use the box-, line- or plane-tool on top of the graphic window according to your setting of the streamline (click twice on the streamline entry). The tools allow to place the 'seeding' visualy...


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