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frackowi July 30, 2007 15:33

hi everybody I work with an a
hi everybody
I work with an axi mesh in OpenFoam (ie a 3D mesh with two wedge faces intersecting in one axis), and I wish to make comparison with fluent. foamMeshToFluent exports the complete 3D mesh. Would it be possible to export only the wedge face into a 2D .msh file? If someone has some idea, I would be very grateful.
Thank you in advance

andersking February 12, 2008 21:45

I have managed to do this for
I have managed to do this for a 2D case (but I'm not sure that its the best way).

First I exported the 3D mesh using foamMeshToFluent.
Then loaded the mesh into gambit
import -> mesh -> Fluent 5/6
(make sure that 3D is selected otherwise it won't import).
delete the volume (make sure lower geometry is *not* selected - otherwise everything will go)
delete the unneeded faces (make sure lower geometry *is* selected - otherwise youll have to delete faces,edges and vertices manually).
now you should have a 2D mesh.

You will have to reorient the mesh so that the axis lines up with the x-axis (necessary for fluent), as well as adjust the boundaries so that the correct type and edges are used.

You should then be able to reexport the fluent mesh.


(PS i just realised that this was posted in july last year, i hope someone finds it useful anyway)

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