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hsieh January 30, 2008 22:25

Hi, I did a checkMesh . cas

I did a checkMesh . case. checkMesh found some some faces with concave angles and put them in constant/polyMesh/sets/concaveFaces. How can I visualize these faces? Is it possible to improve these faces? and how?



dmoroian January 31, 2008 02:41

Hi Pei, Just to visualize is
Hi Pei,
Just to visualize is simple: use foamToVTK to convert the set to vtk format
foamToVTK ./ case_name -constant -faceSet concaveFaces
and then use paraview to actually see them.


hsieh February 1, 2008 19:19

Thanks Dragos! Pei
Thanks Dragos!


plmauk February 6, 2008 08:59

Hi, In my case there are face
In my case there are faceZones and cellZones too.
I run foamToVTK, and now I can see faceZones in paraView. But cellZones are unvisible. Why?


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