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kar January 31, 2008 13:03

Hello! Some days ago somebo

Some days ago somebody adviced me SALOME for mesh generation and now I'm convinced it can be really useful, but how about post-processing? Have you tried?
How to import results in it?

gkokgr January 31, 2008 14:15

For post-processing, it seems
For post-processing, it seems (from the Wiki tutorial...) that Paraview is the most likely candidate. I admit that it would be nice to be able to import results into SALOME but that is up the respective devels...
And this is the main reason why CAELinux is a heck of an idea; it is a showcase of what can be achieved by bundling together and interconnecting all these scientific & engineering tools.

Here -> ew&id= 409&catid=16

is a really interesting discussion about file formats (and the file formats "Tower of Babel"...) associated with FEA/CFD/CAE (...that forces all the "x"->"y" file conversions...).

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