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mike_jaworski December 29, 2007 18:23

Hi all, I was trying out d
Hi all,
I was trying out dxFoam since I have it running now and was looking at the output options with it. Since animations are always nice, I noticed that it has the ability to output gifs and paste them into an animation.

However, when I use the "write control" tool (just typing dxFoam in terminal) and try to output a gif format, the following comes up:

in the messsage window:
/home/mjaworsk/OpenFOAM/linux/dx-4.4.4/dx/bin/dx: line 1793: 10725 Floating point exception "dxFoamExec" -r -B -F "/home/mjaworsk/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.4.1-dev/applications/utilities/postProcessin g/graphics/dxFoamExec/dxFoamExec.mdf" -F "/home/mjaworsk/.../graphics/dxFoamExec/dxFoamExec.mdf"

And a little window pops up saying that the connection to the server has been broken.

Has anyone come up on this one before? All the other output formats seem to be working fine. If not, is this more a problem with dx itself or with dxFoamExec? Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Jaworski

dmoroian December 29, 2007 20:37

In order for OpenDX to support
In order for OpenDX to support gif output format (and others like png, jpg) you need to compile it using an ImageMagick library. If you have a version of this library with a bug, then OpenDX will behave as you describe.
The best practice I think it is to write the animation in miff format, which is supported by default in OpenDX. Then you may use an ImageMagick utility to convert the miff to gif:

convert file.miff file.gif


mike_jaworski December 30, 2007 16:17

Thanks for the suggestion, Dra
Thanks for the suggestion, Dragos. I'll take a look at the ImageMagick libs I have and see about recompiling dx. If I recompile dx, will I have to recompile dxFoamExec as well?

Thanks again,

dmoroian January 2, 2008 06:55

Probably not, but the compilat
Probably not, but the compilation of dxFoam is so fast that it doesn't really matter if you compile it once more.


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