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roberthino August 23, 2007 11:53

hi me again. i read about the
hi me again. i read about the sample utility and decided that it is a much cleaner way to plot graphs than probe. my problem is that after i finished a calculation with FoamX and i puch the execute button for sample (configuration: uniform, along a line) it is initializing the mesh and writing something for every iterationstep, but than if i take a look in the dictionary on my hd (sample) and if i go to any iterationstep, there is absolutely no data written there? someone can help?

msrinath80 August 23, 2007 13:16

All data extracted using the s
All data extracted using the sample utility gets written to a new directory called samples inside your case.

roberthino August 23, 2007 13:21

jup thats what i
jup thats what i that samples directory there are all the iterations steps in new directories. but these directories are empty there is no data

msrinath80 August 23, 2007 13:25

That's odd. Do one thing. Use
That's odd. Do one thing. Use the default caviy case with icoFoam and extract the velocities along a line through the center of the cavity. See if that works first.

jens_klostermann August 23, 2007 14:39

Hallo Robert, 1. Which vers
Hallo Robert,

1. Which version of OF do you use? I had also some problems with sampling in OF-1.3? Try to change the interpolation in the sampleDict.

2. Make sure your sample line (coordinates of first and last point) is within your domain!


roberthino August 23, 2007 15:14

thx a lot, i use version 1.4..
thx a lot, i use version 1.4......well my first and last point are exactly on my left and right boundary. is that allowed? anyway i am going to try it tomorrow at the pc at work. what do you mean by changing the interpolation? i used uniform and 100 points in between

msrinath80 August 23, 2007 15:29

I faced the same problem a whi
I faced the same problem a while ago[1]. The suggestion was to move to the cloud option as opposed to the line option. Check the thread below for more information.


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