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paka August 13, 2007 20:10

Hi everyone, In my research
Hi everyone,

In my research I had to import the previously created model from Fluent to OpenFOAM.

The Fluent model was created in 2D. After conversion to OpenFOAM the model depth in z-direction is 0.540534 (+-0.270267).

Can anyone explain why this happens? Why the uniform depth 1.0 is not assumed?

Is there any way to change that 0.54 depth to 1.0? I do not want to/cannot use Fluent at the moment, so I want to be able to do everything in OpenFOAM.


lucchini August 14, 2007 06:53

Krystian, use the transfor

use the transformPoints utility and you will get what you need.



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