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qtian July 24, 2007 12:44

I'm a newbie to openfoam. I re
I'm a newbie to openfoam. I really need some suggesstions about post processing. I am trying to find a post processing software for openfoam which can allow me to do following work:

1. Data extraction on a curve instead of straight line?
2. Data extraction on a curvature plane instead of flat plane and output to a file? What I mean curvature plane is that I have coordinates of points on that plane.
3. Data manipulation such as calculating gradient.

I know parafoam has a single point interpolation. If anyone know how to do multi points in parafoam, it will work for me also. I know these must be "basic questions" about the post processing, but I can not find it from the search. I really appreciate your input and help.

Best regards


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