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jens_klostermann March 29, 2007 12:21

Hi, I hope one day there is

I hope one day there is no need to use this utility anymore and I can read the decomposed mesh in paraFoam/paraview directly. I read something about this will be possible with OF1.4?

But for now I have to use reconstructPar. I had problems reconstructing large cases fast, especially if there are many time steps, since it is not possible to reconstruct in parallel. So I changed the reconstructPar so that it is possible to use more than one reconstructPar at the same time. For this I added an option -reconStartTime, which is the first time step I want to reconstruct and -reconTimeStepFactor, which is the factor for nth time step to reconstruct.
Example: -reconStartTime=0.02 and -reconTimeStepFactor=3 the time steps 0.02 0.06 0.09 0.12 etc will be reconstructed.

And with (put it in a script):
reconstructParNew <root> <case> -reconTimeStepFactor 3 -reconStartTime 0.02 > reconstructlog1 &
reconstructParNew <root> <case> -reconTimeStepFactor 3 -reconStartTime 0.03 > reconstructlog2 &
reconstructParNew <root> <case> -reconTimeStepFactor 3 -reconStartTime 0.04 > reconstructlog3 &

I can reconstruct "parallel" at least distribute it easy. But watch for the main memory (swapping)!

I added also the -delete option so that the last reconstructed time will be delete automatic in the processor directory. See also and reconstructParNew.tar.gz

P.S. Maybe this is not the clean code it should be, but it does the job.

Regards Jens

jens_klostermann March 29, 2007 14:34

Hi, there is a little bug i

there is a little bug in my example, it should go:

Example: If the solver dumps every 0.01 to the processor directories and -reconStartTime=0.02 and -reconTimeStepFactor=3 the time steps 0.02 0.05 0.08 0.11 etc. will be reconstructed. Sorry.


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