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ali November 23, 2005 21:59

It would be good if "fluentDat
It would be good if "fluentDataToFoam" utility s created for OpenFOAM?

The Fluent Mesh now can be imported to OpenFOAM, but its data is not converted.

Such utility would be good especially for restarting from a stable Fluent solution as an initial condition for OpenFOAM or even better for initializing some fields like gamma where it is easier to initialize gamma in Fluent than in OpenFOAM (as some people have some problems and posted them here).

mattijs November 24, 2005 14:44

There is the reverse though (f
There is the reverse though (foamDataToFluent) Maybe you can use that as a starting point? Or have a look at e.g. smapToFoam which converts from the Star-CD smap format into Foam format.

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