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sampaio October 25, 2005 14:47

I tried uniform, clouds, faces
I tried uniform, clouds, faces, and several lines (since there was a bug report about lines passing throught edges and points) but it did not work: the directory samples was created (and its subdirectory with the time name) but nothing was written...

Has anyone had the same problem?

mattijs October 26, 2005 13:41

Lots of times and usually the
Lots of times and usually the line was not actually passing through the cells or there is something wrong with the mesh.

Use checkMesh to check your mesh dimensions and make sure the sampling line passes through.

If 'uniform' sampling switch on the 'uniform' debug switch in the .OpenFOAM-1.2/controlDict.

Does the sampling in the tutorial (icoFoam cavity case?) work?

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