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jeffkenning March 21, 2009 19:17

channelOodles post processing

I am new to LES and fairly new to CFD and OpenFOAM. I am trying to understand how extract the data to plot the data from the channel395 tutorial. I am most interested in plotting u+ vs y+ but am unsure of all the steps I need to take to get the plot. I have tried postChannel but am stuck after that.

Thank You,


jeffkenning March 28, 2009 11:42

I've figured out u+, but I still haven't figured out y+. I've run the yPlusLES utility but I am unsure how to use the values for plotting. Any help on this would be appreciated. Jeffrey

lakeat April 20, 2009 22:17

As I can remember, it's not that hard, see wallGrad utility and some discussions on channelOodles (search the forum). perhaps you will need to add some lines in postChannel utility. (Sorry, it's a long time since I did it)

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