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prapanj April 23, 2009 05:07

Problem with npoints in Sampling

I want a line plot of out a 3d domain along a probe line. In my sampleDict, when I set npoints to 20 for a particular line, everything is fine. But if I change this number to increase the resolution, it doesn't work ( I mean when I run sample, it just says create mesh for time = 0 and hangs in there forever).

My grid definitely has more than 20 points. I had tried setting npoints to 19,21, 30,35, 40, 100 etc points. The same issue.

Now, there is another line in the domain for which I could set to other numbers and it works.

I have made sure I don't make any syntax error in setting npoints. What could possibly be wrong?

Thank you

smehdi609 April 24, 2009 16:21

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