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mahaputra June 16, 2009 09:22

transient residual error
Dear All

I tried to run my case with a transient solver (rhoPimpleFoam).

with the original case from OpenFOAM 1.5 tutorial (angledDuct), i can plot easily the residual error of Ux Uy Uz.

but when i tried to run with my 3D case, i could not plot the residual error over times, due to each of log files only contain 1 value.

example :

original case from OpenFOAM (angledDuct, 3D case):


1 0.0381702
2 3.24059e-05
3 1.47824e-06
4 4.25961e-05
5 2.34306e-05
6 8.58533e-06
7 8.629e-06
8 8.71595e-06
9 5.03757e-06
10 3.01017e-06

my case (3D) case:


1 0.0653521

whats wrong with the OpenFOAM ?

i have checked my controlDict for both cases, and they are similar.

does somebody know why this happen? how to solve this problem?

please, i really need some help.


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