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ivan_cozza June 18, 2009 06:10

Problems with Plot over Line
Hi to everybody,
I have a problem with the paraview filter Plot over Line.
I'm using Paraview 3.4.0 to postprocess the output of a Discontinuous Galerking code, so the data are passed as "DATASET UNSTRUCTURED_GRID",
triangular grid only, with the data saved on the triangle vertex only. The vertices are doubled for each triangle, as it is necessary for the DG method.
The general postprocessing is ok, but when i try to use plot over line I get strange results:


The lines are not contiguous, there are only some segmets.
Do you have any idea on how to have some decent plot over lines?
I'm sorry for the OT, I know that this problem do not involve OpenFOAM, but I didn't find any other Paraview forum...
Have a nice day,

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