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yapalparvi July 6, 2009 16:08


I am new to using OpenFOAM. I have installed openfoam on a 32 bit machine running ubuntu 9.04. I could not get paraFOAM working so decided to use foamTOVTK and installed paraview. I ran the test case icoFOAM/cavity and got files in directories 0, 01, 02..05
I then used foamTOVTK and it created a folder called VTK. I then opened paraview and in open file clicked on cavity_vtk files. I tried the visulaise but nothing seems to appear on the screen. Could you please let me know the solution or if somebody has used the same thing please do let me know the step by step procedure. Thanks


Alan July 30, 2009 18:18

Did you click on the root VTK file in the VTK folder? Then have you checked apply on the display properties?

If you update to foam-1.6 you wont have to worry about converting to VTK.

Mercato August 10, 2009 08:14

Good afternoon, I had installed OF 1.6 with ParaView 3.6.1. I meet problem with solver chtMultiregionFoam, test multiRegionHeater. ./Allrun was used and 200 sec calculations is OK. In paraFoam I can see results (K, epsilon, P, U e.t.c) only for zero time. How can I see all solution for other times?

Thanks advance.

Mercato August 12, 2009 08:19

Hello everybody.

It works with:

cd ~/OpenFOAM/user-1.6/run/heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/multiRegionHeater
paraFoam -region bottomAir


cd ~/OpenFOAM/user-1.6/run/heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam
paraFoam -case multiRegionHeater -region bottomAir

instead of bottomAir you can use also region names:
heater, leftSolid, rightSolid, topAir

Best regards

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