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Marcin July 31, 2009 03:59

Total pressure in post-processing
Hi everybody,

I have written a small post-processing tool, which gives me some values to compare my simulations with CFX. I simulate rotor and stator blades of a gas turbine with rhoSimpleFoam solver. One of my value which I need is total pressure. To calculate it I would like to use the formula:

ptot = p * pow ( ( (1. + (kappa-1.) / 2) * magSqr(Ma) ) , (kappa / (kappa - 1. ) )

where Ma is the Mach number and kappa is the isentropic exponent.

The problem is, that I can't get the value of kappa. I have tried to get Cp and Cv values and divide them, but these both values are volScalarFields and I can't use the pow function with it. Some ideas?

Best regards,


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