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prjohnston October 13, 2009 03:19

linking wallshearstress values and faces
Hi All,

I have created a simple flow model in a cylinder and calculated the wall shear stress. I can see the wall shear stress values in the file wallShearStress, but I would like to know where these points are in space. For example, do these wall shear stress values make a loop around the wall of cylinder or do they form a line running along the cylinder? Can I see these in some way using paraFoam? I thought I had this worked out, but now I'm not sure

Any insights would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much,


svens November 3, 2009 14:40

Hey Peter

A way to output the the coordinates as well as the wall shear stress is to run the post-processing tool sample.

Just enter the slice or surface of interest and add to the fields the wallShearStress.

An additional folder will be created in your case in which you can find the wallShearStresses with the corresponding coordinates.


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