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Plot over Line

I have a very simple query regarding 'Plot over Line' option in ParaView. I have a transient simulation, i wish to compare the results by using the Plot over Line option for various time-steps. But, i want to plot it all in one chart(superpose on one plot). Is it possible to do this in paraview 3.4? if not can i extract the date to Tecplot format?


florian_krause November 16, 2009 09:51

Hi Varun,

I had the same task to perform and I also could not find something like this in paraview....

As an alternative I used the sample utility ( which also gives you the freedom to sample either interpolated or midpoint data ) and then I made a small matlab script which loops over all ./sets/<time directory> to read the sampled data.

maybe this helps

Florian November 16, 2009 10:02

Hi Florian,

ThanX for the idea, but could you please elaborate on how to use the sample utility. I have'nt performed anythin of such sort before.

Thnx again!


florian_krause November 16, 2009 10:53

Hi Varun,

what about searching in the UserGuide or ask google for e.g. 'sample openfoam' I am pretty sure, that the first hit will answer your question.... ;)


zobekenobe December 5, 2009 16:25

using sample
basically thers a sampleDict file that you paste in /system directory and then after having run the case use the following command

sample -time x
where x is the time at which you want a sample of the data

a log file will be created that can then simply be transferred to somthing like excel etc.

by simply giving sample as a command the log file of all your time steps will created consuming alot of your space.

now basically in the sampleDict file modify the coordinates of the line over which you want the data ...if wrongly done then you have empty files of the variables created within the log directory

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