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RBJ December 24, 2009 07:51

averaging selected field - multiphase
Hello All,

I am using the interFoam solver to do some droplet analysis.

Say I have the simple case of a droplet flying in x-direction. To find secondary streamlines, I'd like to subtract the average of ux of the droplet.

So what I want to do is something like:


for all i,j,t
  if alpha ==1

And then subtract ux(i,j,t)-=ux_average.

So that the primary streamlines are subtracted and I can see the secondary ones (internal circulation?? etc.)

Can anybody shed some light on how to do this?

Happy holidays

RBJ December 29, 2009 07:50

How to call a specific mesh point?
The main problem by the way is to sum over a part of the mesh.

I can use the volumeAverageFunction extension as a starting point, but they calculate the volume average of the whole mesh at once. I only need the mesh points where alpha=1.

How do I call a specific mesh point? Unfortunately I'm no pro in c++.

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