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blaise February 22, 2010 07:26

Mapping OF points to a vtkOriginalPointID
Hi Foamers,

maybe this question were answered already anywhere else, but I cannot find the answer on the forum. So I dare to ask here.

I want to find the position of a cell/point where a certain variable's value has its minimum. To this end I cut off any header and otherwise unwanted stuff from the variables field file in the time directory in question, so that only one column is left, containing the internalField's data of the variable. Then I find the position of the minimum value in this file. How do I find out which paraFoam vtkOriginalPointId corresponds to this position? I want to visualize the location in ParaFoam.
I suppose this actually leads to the question how the values in a field variable's file in a time directory are ordered, and how they can be located.

Could anyone point me to the right direction?



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