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SD@TUB February 28, 2010 19:18

Post-processing of curved regions
Hello FOAMers,

as long as sample utility and ParaFoam won't provide circular planes (cylindrical region) for post-processing issues, i want to put collected cells by routine


// Loop over all the cells in the mesh

// Check containment of each cell center
const [*definition of sub domain*]

if [*cells within subdomain*]
totalVolume += mesh.V()[cellI]; //e.g. volume of collected cells

in a subset to grab them afterwards and reading data of interest. What would be a kind way of performing such iteration. I noticed that cellSet works via dictionary. Is it possible to adopt some functionality?


SD@TUB April 11, 2010 09:47

One reply to myself:
The utility cellSet provide curved region via cellSetDict, e.g. cylindrical volumes which could be used to post-process selected cells afterwards.

Nevertheless, if anybody has a suggestion to perform such process within code, this would be very helpful! I tried adopting the appropriate code from cellSet.C without success.


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