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Gearb0x April 11, 2010 08:39

Plotting u+ versus y+
Hi everybody

I would like to plot u+ against y+ to have the velocity profile near the walls.

Did anybody already try that? Normally this shouldn't be too difficult but I don't know how I cant get certain values :

y+ = U_tau * y / nu
u+ = U/U_tau

with U_tau = sqrt (Tau_wall / rho)

I think that :
Since I'm in a incompressible case rho & nu are no problem
Tau_wall : wallShearStress command in openfoam
y : I can create it myself if needed
U : How can i get it as U(y) (since it's what I need for the plot) ?

Thanks for your help

mrezarastan December 18, 2012 02:18

That's my problem can I achieve the first grid data from wall?

Bernhard December 18, 2012 05:00

On this forum you will be able to find some threads about calculating yPlus. But I assume you can also do it in a post-processing step when you extract (y,u) data from your case?

chegdan January 22, 2013 22:03

As Bernhard mentioned, there are threads where this is discussed. Try for instance the thread

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