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impecca May 13, 2010 18:45

Friction velocity in Channel flow
Dear Foamers.

I use a pisoFoam based solver and have turbulent inlet boundary(using LES), I hope the turbulence doesn't decay or develop through channel.(like channelFoam)

To normalize the result, I need to know the friction velocity(u_tau or u*).
when I use channelFoam, I can output the dpdx in each time, so from there I could calculate the friction velocity. but pisoFoam case, I have no idea.
So, I am wondering is there any utility to calculate friction velocity.
or equivalent properties. (i.e. u_tau^2 = dp/dx*h = tau_w/rho, where h is half depth of channel)

Thank you very much

stainboy April 10, 2013 10:09

Hello Yusik,

I'm interested in this as well. Have you found some way to plot u_plus( y+) for channel flow?


CHARLES April 11, 2014 01:33

This may be useful to obtain the values you need:

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