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anmartin June 2, 2010 04:38

drag an lift coeffis after solution is done using ExecFlowFuntionObjects
I would like to calculate drag an lift coefficients after solution is done, It is possible to calculate it using “execFlowFuntionObjects” it generate a folder for forces and for forceCeffs, but it overwrite the file for every time-step.

When I solve the case the controldic works well, but it is no possible to use the same dic for postproccesing.

My controldic is:

type forces;
functionObjectLibs (""); //Lib to load
patches (name); // change to your patch name
rhoName rhoInf;
rhoInf 1.225; //Reference density for fluid
CofR (5.885 0 0); //Origin for moment calculations
outputControl timeStep;
outputInterval 1;
type forceCoeffs;
functionObjectLibs ("");
patches (name);
rhoName rhoInf;
rhoInf 1.225;
CofR (5.885 0 0);
liftDir (0 0 1);
dragDir (-1 0 0);
pitchAxis (0 1 0);
magUInf -20;
lRef 5.885;
Aref 8.91037; //projected area
outputControl timeStep;
outputInterval 1;
Can someone help me?


rieuk June 15, 2010 10:45

Hi angel,

Are you doing a transient simulation? I'd like to do the same for a transient simulation - I have a bunch of results for which I've now decided I'd like lift and drag coefficients for. Does anyone know how to do this??

I had no idea about execFlowFunctionObjects - what does this do?

tgillebaart September 15, 2011 05:06

Any solution for this problem? Why is the forces file overwritten each time step for postprocessing with execFlowFunctionObjects?

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